Friday, August 25, 2006

First Week

Dear Family,

The first week is over and the first weekend is here. I guess I learned something today: You won't be going to sleep on the weekend very early. It's 2AM now and people are still out and about making a racket. On top of the noise of people, the wind gets going every now and then and slams all the partially open doors shut. I don't mind the noise though, you get used to it, after all you are living within a hundred foot radius of 100 other people.

The week wasn't so bad really. Most of my classes are in the same buildings throughout the week so finding them wasn't really a problem. My classes aren't too hard. Calculus is much easier than expected so far. My hardest class will probably be Spanish because the learning curve is a lot higher than other classes. On the plus side, my teacher knows what ubuntu is and she herself uses the unix based OS X. We have a Spanish lab on Thursday so this time I brought my laptop to avoid the crappy lab computers and she noticed and said something like "I don't use windows either". My English class is the easiest so far though, despite the fact we have written about 3 papers just in the first week. We are reading a book for the next two weeks, called "Feed", and after that we get to lead class discussions on computer science related topics. (Because I am with the learning community I have all computer science majors in my English course so all the assignments are geared towards CS personalities.) The CS classes have been the slowest to get off the ground because for most people the learning curve is insane. They treat us as if we've never used a computer before. The people in my learning community are mostly just gamers, though there are a few tried and true programmers I am able to get along fairly well with. One of them is even a C guru like me and we are able to keep each others knowledge in shape by spouting questions about the language at each other.

The synopsis, though, is that I am having a great time. I can't wait to see you on labor day!

Good Night,
Dylan Nissley


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